KAWS - What Party (Orange)

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KAWS' Michelin Man-inspired creation is a return of the fan-favorite Chum character which originally debuted in 2002. This orange vinyl edition is presented in a standing position with its arms at attention on the sides and head down this time around.

Vinyl figure by the ex-Disney illustrator Brian Donnelly, or in the art scene better known as KAWS. Shortly after releasing his much hyped KAWS Holiday Space Figures, the artist returned with a new figure titled KAWS What Party. The figure is a return of the fan-favorite Chum character, which originally debuted in 2002, and came in five colors: black, white, orange, pink, and yellow.The first vinyl toys by KAWS were made in 1999. They reflected the desire of the artist to make his work more accessible to the public. Since then KAWS made more of his signature characters in 3D. The toy figures are so popular that the first time the Museum of Modern Art presented them in their design store, the museum’s website crashed frequently because of the enormous amound of interest. This edition comes sealed in a clear blister packaging, and is a must have for any collector or KAWS fan.


Made by KAWS

Vinyl figure

Orange edition

Release 2020

Hight: 27.9 cm

Comes sealed in clear blister packaging

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